A look back, into today...

our history

The Dibe family moved to Oregon in 1982 to escape war-torn Beirut, starting the original Nicholas Restaurant in 1987. During the COVID pandemic, we moved the flagship to its new location on SE 11th and Madison to offer more space for our loyal customers.

"It's not just transactional;
it’s about the experience.”

Our cooking techniques have been passed down from generation to generation. Now, we are bringing our latest inspirational dishes to Portland diners as Beirut Bites. The menu combines familiar flavors with some new twists, and Lebanese street food introduced for the first time to Portland audiences.

We look forward to taking our place in the thriving Portland foodie culture. We welcome new customers who are curiously passing by and may not even be able to find Lebanon on a map. And we welcome back our long-time loyal customers to the experience that is Beirut Bites.